Amy has significant experience developing and performing her own choreographed pieces. Within her classes she develops and teaches new pieces, making each class fresh and different for those taking part. Throughout the years Amy has worked as a choreographer with a number of different groups and projects. Highlights include:

2016 Dublin Cycling Campaign Bike Dance: St. Patrick’s Festival, Dublin

This project involved developing choreography for a group of cyclists to perform during the St. Patrick’s Festival parade route. This included a series of workshops with members of the Dublin Cycling campaign to develop the dance and cycling skills needed to perform the piece. The piece was devised to specifically suit all ages and abilities and create a sense of fun and inclusiveness.

2014 Cu Chulainn site-specific contemporary dance, International Dance Day Festival, GPO Dublin

Cu Chulainn was the opening piece as part of a performance trail of historic sites and spaces in Dublin city. Performed by five dancers in the balcony space in the GPO with a specially created hang drum composition and live performance by Roland Gomez.

2013 Primeiro Movemento: Dance Theatre (M.i.D (Men in Dance) Project) Dublin

A project that combined teaching, performance, and choreography working with a group of male dancers of varied ability (from amateurs to professionals). The purpose of the project was to encourage more men into dance and to remove the stigma associated with dance for men. The project enabled men to build their confidence in their dancing bodies and encourage creativity and expression. Throughout the project participants built strength, coordination, flexibility, teamwork, physicality of fall and recovery techniques, as well as exploring different dance styles and partner work.

2012 On the Line: Dance Theatre, The New Theatre, Dublin

A skit sketch dance theatre piece exploring apathy in the receptionist workplace. Sound composition by Salim Dastan.

2012 Cube Dance, Catherine Street Festival, Limerick & 10 Days in Dublin Festival

Cube dance is technically a site-specific performance as the dance is performed within a large scaffolding structure of a cube coupled with workshops. It evolved from my studies in Laban choreology and the five crystals. Performed in Limerick and Dublin to live accompaniment by Irish trad musicians as a solo and then developed for a group.

2011 MAss: Dance Theatre (ISSTC, Ormston House, Limerick)

MAss was a collaborative dance theatre piece (with sound composer Jean-Christophe Bihanic) that explored a time in Ireland when Catholicism played a heavy influence in the lives of people, in particular women. It explored issues of abuse and cover up, including domestic abuse and the Magdalene Laundry abuse.

2010 I LAND: Contemporary Dance, site-specific video (The Shannon, Limerick)

I LAND was a site-specific performance which was recorded on and around an island in the River Shannon. It explored concepts of time, identity, culture and heritage in Ireland and relationship to the land. The piece was created as part of a residency at Daghdha Dance Company and took the form of a video installation piece at Faber studios as part of a photographic exhibition. This piece was a collaborative work with visual artist Emma McNamara.